25 Comments on "Zinedine Zidane Interview David Beckham EXCLUSIVE 2013"

  1. 3nrike13@: He said the same thing as Beckham, the wrong time also build lhomme, so no regrets.

  2. Wtf are you on about. Real Madrid dont buy and play frauds in their first team, let alone man utd.

  3. Beckham is no legend he is a celebrity and footballing fraud . Zidane is the only legend . He actually speaks better english than beckham . Cant believe beckham likes u2 , he actually has said something inteligent

  4. Beckham may be 38 but still looks as thick and stupid as he always did . This is a pathetic video i only watched it becaue zinedine zidane was a great footballer .

  5. Well, if you turn on captions you will find out what they are talking about. For example at 1:45 Zidane asks Beckham ” You’ve done a mom?” to what Beckham replies: “You know of course of course”. And I also said with Beckham “Of course, Of course”.

  6. In life there’s up n down , david have shown us in his career. Believe it or not

  7. When Beckham is finished talking about what he would have changed in his career and then he asks Zizou “and you?” What is Zidane’s response to that question? Anyone know?? If only I knew french lol

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