20 Comments on "Wilkinson’s breathtaking drop goal- RWC Final 2003"

  1. Breathtaking… itโ€™s just a drop goal.
    Players do this the world over all the time.
    What shite!!!

  2. 'breathtaking drop goal', 'best drop goal ever'. You lads better ease off on the hyperbole before you hurt yourselves.

  3. Any where I turn no matter if its in football or rugby England always seem to have on a borderline heart attack…

  4. We beat the All Blacks in the Semi and took it down to the wire in the final…and then we repaid the favor years later by making England the first team to get kicked out of their home world cup.

  5. i watched it live. first and last rugby match i have. absolute drama. remember that drop kick. wow…

  6. Both players came from League. Lote Tuquiri and Jason Robinson for scoring in a WC Final.

  7. Memorable stuff indeed, and all praise to him, but the best performer on the field during that match was Lawrence Dallaglio. He was here, there and everywhere like a rampant Shire stallion. God, what energy! (Oh, those England loose forwards were a rare combination!)

  8. If you look at the English line out just prior to the drop goal, the ball was caught by England at least 5 meters the wrong side of the 15 meter line! so it should have been a penalty to Australia! Freeze the frame as the ball is caught in the air and have a look at the 15 meter line marker either side of the catcher. ๐Ÿ™‚ ooops!

  9. people forget Dawson's run just before the kick, it was probably the most important part of the lead up

  10. all these all blacks being better comments in this current day (2016) are totally irrelevant, no one is disputing New Zealand's dominance in the game.. we're analysing a monumental moment in rugby history which any rugby fan (even the aussies) could appreciate

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