20 Comments on "Wilkinson do it like Beckham !"

  1. like how ong they spent on rugby beckham was like yeah that's a lot harder lets move on

  2. Brilliant kicking skills.
    Check out my rugby kicking skils video with rugby player v soccer player. Search Julian Berry

  3. Each sport always has special players that delivers something special not only for his country but his sport Johnny Wilkinson was that Guy in 2003 guiding England to their 1st Rugby World Cup title every Rugby player was imitating Johnny at that time he will be missed one of the greats in World Rugby!!

  4. Has anyone noticed that this ad is racist? It makes footballers look better than Rugby players

  5. haha Beckham to Wilkinson "Can I get one of your shirts?" heh, awesome, two geniuses together.

  6. Does anyone else think its weird that football is out national game and yet independent schools (such as the one the Jonny went to) don't consider it a major sport and don't even play it? 
    Can you imagine similar schools in germany and spain not playing football?
    We need to banish the whole 'class' stigma associated with footie and get more schools playing it. Maybe then we will win a world cup. 

  7. Two different Games. ofc I like one more than the Other, But I still Appreciate What a wonderful sport it is. Apart from the Pansies and Puffs. Soccer isn't my Forte, Im not built for Speed. Im more of a Enduring Man. I can take Hard hits and Get back up. 

  8. Two legends. Were at the top of the tree in their respective sports, both have good public and sportsmanlike conduct, both legends of their nation.

  9. If Wilkinson had become a footballer we would probably have a second Juninho 🙂

  10. Beckham is in full winter gear while Wilko is like…a bit warmer today haha

  11. 2 greats of there respective games so there shouldnt be an argument over which sport is better. both should respect each other tbh, both are physically demanding in different fields and both require different ways of thinking and body build. love this 

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