25 Comments on "Tottenham vs South China 6-0 Full Goals HD"

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  2. This is not a China team. This is a HK local team called South China. HK’s football standard is one of the worst in the world….

  3. The video is actually in HD.. but the condition of the pitch is so bad that it affects the overall quality of the video 😛

  4. المذيع مزعج وايد يصارخ .. يزعم يبي يقلد فهد العتيبي ولا يقرب صوبه .. قيرمن ديفو عيل

  5. Man, that goalkeeper was awful. Reckon I could get a contract in China if that’s the level of quality I’d be competing with.

  6. Nice with townsend in the squad as rotation player this season! He had a nice spell at qpr last half of the past season!

  7. It was a fucking devastation, South China just had no answer to them.

  8. What part of 360p indicates that this grainy video is in HD; right none.

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