25 Comments on "Tottenham Hotspur’s Gareth Bale takes on England cricketer Jonathan Trott…at free-kicks! Who wins?"

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  2. Shut up you fucking retard, the wall is see though and there is no other players around like in real free kicks blocking the GK view unless you hit it right in the top corner as hard as you can it’s impossible to score.

  3. how is bale worth 85million when he can’t even score a free kick

  4. We can ask for modric, di maria, £30-40million-which can be used to buy soldado

  5. If Wilshere is overrated then every single Brazilian player is massively overrated.

  6. You havent watched enough Spurs games, he was an attacking midfielder before the new year

  7. No need for the language, also that does not make it better! a player who suffered from numerous injuries is better then two of your first team players

  8. at least dembele and holtby aren’t always injured like that cunt

  9. comeback to what? You replied 5 months after my last comment, Bale became a central player from April onwards before that he was a winger… Happy now?

  10. Lets take a look at the last 5 months of the season, Bale was Spurs number 10, which last time I checked, is a midfield position


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