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  1. I am spurs fan my slef, but they are the 10 richest club in the world. To say they arent a rich club would be wrong. It rather that they arent as rich as ManC,ManU,Arseshit,Barca,real

  2. That’s right David, but now we are watching Siggy and Holtby. Talent that will lead us back into darkness.

  3. I am a fan of Lazio. I’m sorry for how you were treated in Rome, I want to tell you that I disagree with the bad minority. Do not think too badly of Rome and Lazio

  4. go tottenham !! I am a fan of Lazio good luck today and may the best win!!

  5. Not really, because Spurs, Chelsea and maybe Newcastle will finish above you. Why are you even on this video anyway? An Arsenal fan i’m guessing going on Spurs videos, shows a lot…. And you should know the gap is closing. 08 – 09 season 21 points, 09 – 10 season 5 points, 10 – 11 season 6 points, 11 – 12 season 1 point, you look like you are loosing some key players that you can’t replace, whereas we are gaining. We were in North London first and it will always be ours no matter what. COYS <3

  6. I am a tottenham fan but i do think arsenal played better last season and tottenham can only blame themselves for losing a thirteen point lead and not making it into the CL. I hope AVB can fix what Redknapp made

  7. Harry Redknapp is a horrible man, I am glad he has left Spurs, he wanted to be the england manager…and fucked up tottenham’s season.

  8. Chelsea were a nothing club until Russian Roman came along.These two defender’s may be talented ,but Cole and Terry are pretty horrible men.

  9. 1. The fact you called Fulop Foster shows you’re lack of football knowledge or rather delusion.
    2. You scored fewer goals than us with your supposedly “superior” team and got fewer points. Fact.
    3. Saying that you would’ve beaten us over 1 game in which we got lucky over a 38 game period is foolish, its like me saying that we wouldnt have lost at the Lane if Van Der Vaart’s blatant handball was picked up.
    4. You aren’t in the CL therefore you aren’t as good as us. Dont flatter yourselves.

  10. Are you fucking deluded? You got raped 5-2 and came below us. You also scored fewer goals. So open your eyes and read this… Tottenham Hotspur are the second best team in North London and have been so for 17 years.

  11. Read the news you stupid cunt. Tottenham was the best club in London last year.

  12. You are actually so deluded its funny. 1994/5 was the last time Tottenham were above Arsenal in the League. Go check it if you want. In 1995/96 we came 5th. You came 8th. And ever since 1996/7 we have been in the top 4. You have only been in the top 4 twice and on both occasions we have been above you.
    In 2009/10 we came 3rd and you came 4th. In 2011/12 we came third again and this time you didn’t get CL haha!

  13. Lol idiot, it’s like five or six years since we weren’t above Arsenal in the league.

  14. Ya arsenal fan youll see your team goin down and down when Wenger is die youll see

  15. 17 years since you were above us in the league… Damn you’re getting delusional in that shadow, would’ve expected you to get that reference…

  16. I’d be a miserable bastard too if I was in a shadow for 17 years. Mind the Gap mate, I don’t know if you can see it in the dark. 

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