24 Comments on "Tottenham Hotspur – The club that Bill made"

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  2. When watching this video it gives me goose bumps remember the good days at the Lane.
    An Excellent video it has so many special moments in it RIP Bill a true hero! COYS

  3. I’m italian and i am a juventus supporter but… I’m falling in love with Tottenham Hotspur

  4. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th… I love you Tottenham Hotspur. COYS

  5. This video makes me weep like a schoolgirl. Come on you spurs! Big Day today! Top 4 is rightfully ours. Gooners are cunts

  6. This is as good as the ‘We Are Tottenham Hotspur’ that’s shown at the Lane. Real stiring stuff.

  7. This video is amazing…I cry tears of happiness everytime I watch this. I really support an amazing club. I love Tottenham Hotspur


  8. wow….that makes me so proud to be a spurs supporter……I love this club as much as life itself…..as for all the gooner wankers you can go and do one….you will NEVER feel the pride and love towards you wanky team in your soul less stadium where your such a bunch of cunts you have singing sections!!! What an embarresment! As for whoever made put this together….mate you are a legend….COYS!

  9. I would just like to thank you for making me cut onions every time I hear this song now…

  10. RIP Bill. The man who made Tottenham Hotspur. NEVER FORGOTTEN! A true hero! COYS, TTID, YIDARMY!

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