25 Comments on "Tottenham Hotspur – Rollercoaster Ride of 2011/12"

  1. Arsenal fan here…was just thinking of past seasons and teams, when the
    Spurs side of 2011-12 came to mind…and despite you being our rivals, I
    can easily admit how good you were that season…loved watching Modric
    and Van Der Vaart play, you deserved champions league football ahead of
    Chelsea that season…and if I am honest, you played better football than
    us that year…you deserved much more that season, but as an Arsenal I can
    understand that you don’t always get what you deserve in football! but to
    finish my comment, the Tottenham side of 2011-12 was pretty great…wish
    Modric and VDV were still in the league

  2. good season. full of memories. excellent. hope for more in the future. COYS

  3. I think something big is coming. Whether it be a big name signing or
    manager. I’m glad Bale signed a new contract and I hope Luka will too
    although if we were to lose him I would only want to see him at Madrid. We
    wont let him move to Chelski, and I doubt theyll want him now (Hazard). But
    yeah with this current squad, a few signings and team spirit well be right
    up there next season 😉

  4. Great Channel great videos… 3:50 gets me every time, thanks for taking
    the time to make these. COYS

  5. what kinds of programs do you use to make videos? I want to try it once if
    it’s not to hard! And btw another great video mate! COYS!

  6. i am a united fan but cant help but love spurs aswell great style of

  7. The best name in the world for a commentator to shout is Van Der Vaart.

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