25 Comments on "Tottenham Hotspur – Heroes in White & Blue"

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  2. And I’m done talking to you if you’re just going to be a silly cocks fan that believes that all of the cocks players are better than us, yet IT’S HAPPENED AGAIN, go ahead cocks fan, all of your players are better than ours, we just magically finish ahead of the cocks, and somehow play against Bayern and Barcelona while you play Wigan and Valencia =)

  3. The only negative of this video is the reminder that Lee Young-Pyo was ever a first team player.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, we’ve got another song on the way that will feature Dawson to make up for it! Completely agree, great servant.

  5. Thanks Liam! It’s the bad times that make the good times so good.

  6. Have fun being schooled by said teams. Oh, and did you buy anyone not on a free transfer yet?

  7. Margins have gotten smaller due to Arsenals financial situation, if we spend the money we allegedly have then the gap would be much bigger, but fair play spurs are a solid team now

  8. Great video , but dissapointed mikey daws wasnt a part of it . Loyal servant to the club , Club Captain as well as great defender .

  9. What? Are you saying you wouldn’t recognise Kazuyuki Toda in Tesco?

  10. Can’t wait Lucas, Scott Parker is gonna boss that Spartak midfield.

  11. Cheers mate! We love Away Days and yids vids too. We’ll definitely be making more and will be doing some filming at the Espanyol friendly so look out for us!

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