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  2. I think we all know we were better than Arsenal last season and fully deserved 4th. Fuck the media, Bale’s going nowhere, and I remember when Higuain was a ‘done deal’ and he was odds-on to join Arsenal! Every season we seem to try to find a striker to score us goals and replace Defoe (or so it seems), yet every season Defoe ends up scoring the goals that come from the strikers! We’re in personal talks with Soldado now, and Bale is gonna sign a new contract. Next season, who knows? Title? COYS!

  3. Why the fuck is there so many arsenal fans go fuck off and find a youtuber who does shit about arsenal unless you are jealous?????

  4. didnt your mamma teach you any manners. i suggest you run along and play with your balls.

  5. why do you come on a spurs forum. i suggest you play with your balls.

  6. You guys are supporting the wrong club, just here to mention this club is shit and London is either Red or Blue. Thank you, P.S and all Spurs fans are faggots.

  7. you must feel quite stupid seeing as we are not playing manchester city and also arsenal fans are forgetting when van persie carried them for a whole season you were quick to deny you were a one man team then wasnt you

  8. doesnt it bother you that all these players you have been linked with you havent signed yet? higuain was apparently a “done deal” what happened there?
    congratulations on signing another 19 year old

  9. The way Arsenal fans actually come onto Spurs video’s just proves that the only thing they care most about is the rivalry between us! Maybe if they concentrated more on supporting their team Emirates wouldn’t be such a library every week. Bale isnt leaving and we have signed great potential so far in Paulinho and Chadli. With Saldado hopefully signing within a few days we will have a much better squad than Arsenal this season. Providing they sign very little. If they don’t sign Suarez CL is ours

  10. Bitch please. Spurs are white shit. You’ve only got Bale to help you guys win. Once Bale leaves the white shit club you guys will be even more shit. Spurs are a ONE MAN TEAM. I hope Bale leaves Spurs, so that we can see your pretty ass getting kicked by clubs like Sunderland, like what happened already. Have you won any pre-season friendlies? Lol nope. You cant even beat Swindon, Sunderland and Colchester. Thats embarrassing. Lets see how you guys will play against Manchester City in 2 days.

  11. U obviously have no idea what ur on about, those 3 players have so much quality who arsenal have built up to be internationals and r still young. who have spurs developed from their academy? Also u spurs fans are deluded if they think they finish above arsenal ever!!!

  12. shutup you deluded twat , how is suarez to arsenal an almost done deal , he hasnt even spoke to arsenal and agreed personal terms so you clearly ahvent a clue what your talking about

  13. hazza , why are you watching a video about tottenham if you are a ‘gooner’ go fuck off and watch arsenal videos and commenting on ares. you clearly dont know what your talking about also , saying “ramsey, gibbs and Sczcezney” all have potential ,

  14. Another great video I’m enjoying watching them. I’m sure AVB will bring quality to the Lane

  15. Its not happening squire, forget it. I’m going to enjoy this season a lot, the strength in depth between us is clear to see, you look piss poor and are lucky to be in the champions league.

  16. Tommy, look you little fuck, Suarez to Arsenal is almost a done deal. You little fuck. Losing to Sunderland 3-1? COYS

  17. Wow you guys just lost against SUNDERLAND 3-1!!! You guys are epic failures. Bale wasn’t even playing in that match, so basically that shows that you guys are a one man team. ENOUGH SAID.

  18. You guys are a frickin ONE MAN TEAM! If Bale leaves you guys will be white shit. And plus I’m not an Arsenal fan. I’m a Chelsea fan.

  19. aha omg your a proper dumb ass aren’t you =D arsenal done nothing but slip further into the shit hole, nasri,song,fabergas,van persie all left and now won a trophy your players will get fed up and least we have a world class player like bale who have you got oh gervinho;) COYS!!!

  20. omg piss of and go on an arsenal video where it shows there great players.. woops they don’t have any!! COYS!!

  21. van dar vaart cost us 8 million he turned out alright didn’t he you stupid fucker while you will have ramsey don’t worry hes second best in wales;) go win a trophy with your old scum manager. spurs will be back COYS!!

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