Tim Sherwood will find it difficult trying to keep Christian Benteke in Aston Villa

Christian Benteke is the top goal-scorer of Aston Villa as he has managed to find the back of the net on 12 occasions in 26 Premier League matches and this has attracted top European clubs who are interested in signing the 24 year old Belgium attacker from Aston Villa.

Manchester United and Liverpool are some of the clubs in the Premier League which have shown interest in signing Benteke and Tim Sherwood is well aware that it will not be easy to keep hold of Christian Benteke for another season.

Aston Villa’s Tim Sherwood said: “Is this summer just as important for me to keep hold of what I’ve got as what I bring in? Absolutely.’’

Leonardo Bacuna is a 23 year old right-back who serves as a back-up option of Tim Sherwood but even the Dutch defender knows about the fine form that Christian Benteke is going through which has helped Aston Villa on securing points in this season of the Premier League.

Bacuna knows that it won’t be easy for Aston Vila to keep Benteke in the team as the young defender talked during a press conference and said: It is going to be hard to hang onto him but he is doing his job for us and is vital for the team and that’s the most important thing at the moment.’’

Louis van Gaal will be given a transfer budget that is more than enough to sign Christian Benteke and a few more players in the summer transfer window and even though the Belgium forward is not the most glamorous or exciting players in Europe, he has already proven that he is capable of scoring goals in the Premier League and this is something that Manchester United did not investigate or care before signing Radamel Falcao who proved to be one of the worst signings in modern times.