The Greek national football team is going through a nightmare

Greece is enduring some tough times not only in relation to the financial condition of the country but it has also affected their national football team and this is evident by all of the recent event which has been occurring in Greek football.

The Greek national football team has been sustaining successive defeats against Faroe Islands and had to settle with draws when playing with Poland and Hungary. Due to these underwhelming results, Greece was not able to snatch a spot in the 2016 Euro’s as they were eliminated and don’t have any chance of participating in the tournament which will be hosted in France.

Football academies in Greece are one of the things that have been affected by the financial situation of the country as those academies have failed to produce talented young players and even when they do emerge, these players will be closely monitored by top European clubs who are prepared to offload tempting offers in order to lure them away from Greece.

Investing in the domestic football league of Greece has also turned into something that has taken a downhill road as businessmen have not taken an interest in investing their money on a country which is suffering from a financial disintegration.

The situation in Greece is at such a disastrous point that even the Uruguayan manager of Greece Sergio Markarian has announced his desire to step down as the coach of the national side even though he has only been in charge of Greece for around 5 months.

Sergio Markarian voiced his disappointment as the coach of Greece said: “I apologize to all the Greek fans because our results were not so good. Now I am making a difficult decision. I am ending my relationship with the National Team. I thank the players, the people, EPO and my colleagues in the federation as well as the media for the respect they showed toward me’’

This resignation has not followed through completely as the president of the Hellenic Football Federation; George Girtzkis said that he does not want to see Sergio Markarian leave after such a short period of time.