25 Comments on "The Best Of English Football Fans #2 HD"

  1. To any glory fans who sit in their arm chair and claim to be die hards:
    THIS is what your missing out on!

  2. Palace fans don`t stop singing for the whole 90 minutes, and knobs from
    Arsenal & Chelsea call them plastic, yet you can hear a mouse fart at there

  3. Crystal palace are quality, shame we wern’t on there we get a top
    atmosphere at home and away.

  4. MUFC best away support by some distance. Proper match going fans know this
    regardless of who they support. No doubt the 12 year old kids on here will
    spout on about ‘Gloryhunters’ despite never seeing our away support in the

  5. Ultras and English football fans are completely different! Ultras dance
    around with Flares and shit! England’s more about getting pissed watching
    your team having a laugh and singing songs! I’d rather not be stood with
    12000 sweaty Turks. 

  6. England have great fans as the lower league teams prove but premier league
    teams have been stopped from creating atmosphere because of all seater
    arenas, bans on standing and increased ticket prices favoring the prawn
    sandwich brigade. When they bring in standing areas with cheaper tickets,
    top tier English stadiums will match the rest of the world for atmosphere.

  7. Spurs louder than he Pikey home fans. It’s nice to see that Arsenal and
    Chelsea can’t make the list :D

  8. I support Newcastle. I am a season ticket holder and I can assure you that
    man u dont have the best away fans in the country. You only have a lot
    normally because your fans are fickle and live all over the world whereas
    with Newcastle they have best supporters in England home and away and
    normally only live in Newcastle.

    My 3 teams I hate the most
    1: Sunderland
    2: Man United
    3: Spurs

    Geordie <3

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