RFEF has decided to bring in a suspension to domestic football

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has decided to bring in a suspension to domestic football in order to try and eliminate the new law that requires all Spanish clubs to share the TV money.

At present, Real Madrid and Barcelona benefit a lot in the current structure of television money sharing. La Liga clubs are not required to share their TV money, which can be negotiated individually, to lower division leagues. It has been seen as the reason behind the overwhelming domination exerted by Madrid and Barcelona. Keen to adopt a Premier League style, Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP) brought in a new law that was passed by the cabinet last week.

It will now force the Spanish league to negotiate a TV money as a whole and then redistribute it according to the merits. This will see Madrid and Barcelona suffer immensely in terms of their revenues, but other clubs will be capable of taking advantage. Despite winning the league title last season, Atletico Madrid made a less than the TV money that a club relegated from the Premier League made last season. Such discrepancy has resulted in Spanish clubs struggling in European competitions, although this has changed with Sevilla reaching the final of the Europa League for the campaign.

“The LFP wishes to reiterate the importance of the royal decree approved by the Spanish government and emphasise its importance as an historic milestone for Spanish soccer,” said a statement from the LFP. The new rules will be coming into effect from the 2016-17 season. In order to prevent such a rule coming into force, the league will be undergoing a strike. This will affect the last two games of the season. Barcelona can win the title with a win from either one of the two remaining matches.