Tim Sherwood will find it difficult trying to keep Christian Benteke in Aston Villa

Christian Benteke is the top goal-scorer of Aston Villa as he has managed to find the back of the net on 12 occasions in 26 Premier League matches and this has attracted top European clubs who are interested in signing the 24 year old Belgium attacker from Aston Villa.

Manchester United and Liverpool are some of the clubs in the Premier League which have shown interest in signing Benteke and Tim Sherwood is well aware that it will not be easy to keep hold of Christian Benteke for another season.

Aston Villa’s Tim Sherwood said: “Is this summer just as important for me to keep hold of what I’ve got as what I bring in? Absolutely.’’

Leonardo Bacuna is a 23 year old right-back who serves as a back-up option of Tim Sherwood but even the Dutch defender knows about the fine form that Christian Benteke is going through which has helped Aston Villa on securing points in this season of the Premier League.

Bacuna knows that it won’t be easy for Aston Vila to keep Benteke in the team as the young defender talked during a press conference and said: It is going to be hard to hang onto him but he is doing his job for us and is vital for the team and that’s the most important thing at the moment.’’

Louis van Gaal will be given a transfer budget that is more than enough to sign Christian Benteke and a few more players in the summer transfer window and even though the Belgium forward is not the most glamorous or exciting players in Europe, he has already proven that he is capable of scoring goals in the Premier League and this is something that Manchester United did not investigate or care before signing Radamel Falcao who proved to be one of the worst signings in modern times.



The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has decided to bring in a suspension to domestic football in order to try and eliminate the new law that requires all Spanish clubs to share the TV money.

At present, Real Madrid and Barcelona benefit a lot in the current structure of television money sharing. La Liga clubs are not required to share their TV money, which can be negotiated individually, to lower division leagues. It has been seen as the reason behind the overwhelming domination exerted by Madrid and Barcelona. Keen to adopt a Premier League style, Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP) brought in a new law that was passed by the cabinet last week.

It will now force the Spanish league to negotiate a TV money as a whole and then redistribute it according to the merits. This will see Madrid and Barcelona suffer immensely in terms of their revenues, but other clubs will be capable of taking advantage. Despite winning the league title last season, Atletico Madrid made a less than the TV money that a club relegated from the Premier League made last season. Such discrepancy has resulted in Spanish clubs struggling in European competitions, although this has changed with Sevilla reaching the final of the Europa League for the campaign.

After sacking Javier Aguirre, Japan is looking to get a new coach slotted in sooner rather than later as the team is to play a couple of games later this month.

As has been Japan’s policy in the recent past, they are believed to be going to go with an overseas guy once again for the top post.

But, at this stage of the year, it’s very difficult to find an experienced coach.

Japan will probably have to wait for the domestic season to get over in different European countries.

There are not enough options for them at this point in time as all the experienced coaches seem to be employed somewhere.

If they want, they can appoint an interim coach for the time being.

Yesterday, one of the top brass officials of the Japan Association hinted about the possibility of a temporary appointment.

In the words of that official, “If we get it done in the next couple of weeks, that would be ideal, but, there is no rush really. We will have to make sure that we bring in the right personnel even if that takes a bit more time.”

Paris St Germain head Nasser Al Khelaifi says that the supporters of the club should get behind the players if they are to get a positive result in the first leg of the Champions League knockout match against Chelsea.

The French outfit have been struggling for form in the league. Despite being overwhelming favourites for the title at the start of the campaign, Laurent Blanc has been able to get the team only to third position so far. The biggest ambition for the club, though, will be to progress to the latter stages of the Champions League.

The club has not been beyond the quarter-finals and this was achieved last season when they were eliminated by Chelsea. Revenge will certainly be on the minds of the French club, but they will have to perform extremely well in order to get a result against the Premier League table leaders. PSG have not won in the last two matches, but they can take confidence from the fact that they are undefeated in the last five. Even though they are third in the table, only two points separates them from the table leaders Lyon. Blanc will see this as a manageable difference and the season can only progress with a good result against Chelsea.