24 Comments on "Mousa Dembélé – Tottenham Hotspur (2012/2013)"

  1. Yeah, and now with Soldado in front of them, spurs will have such a good attack this season COYS

  2. Every time i watch this, i get the thickening thinking about him and Paulinho going forward. Mmmmm, delicious

  3. i completely agree with you. He seems so calm and have a lot of time while on the ball, now if he could just use it to look for a through pass, he can turn into a real playmaker

  4. It’s like he has some kind of force field around him.. repelling players, magic.

  5. Beşiktaşlıyım ama Tottenham’a karşı bi ilgim var nedendir bilinmez 🙂

  6. Moussa was a great buy by AVB, he just seems to calm down & take control of the midfield. He seems to stroll with the ball, looking to strt that fast break forward.
    Hopefully he`ll be able to play more forward leaving Sandro, Pauhlino & Parker doing defending of the rear line.

  7. modric was the cam that scored, dembele is the cam that holds the team together

  8. finally someone asks for a dempsey vid every time avb played him as a cf or st he scored. he was a great signing for us

  9. he just doesn’t lose the ball ! his ball retention abilties are amazing !

  10. my only criticism of him, is his eye for a killer pass. He could work on that. at 3:03 if he had released bale, it would of been a certain goal. He does this far too often BUT he’s still a great great player. Im just being a bit picky i suppose.

  11. now that we have sandro back, and extra (if needed) defensive coverage with Paulinho, Moussa is going to be able to get well forward this season. It’ll be nice watching him glide past defenders in the attacking 1/3rd. I can’t wait. Time to unleash his shackles

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