20 Comments on "Jonny Wilkinson’s drop-goal – the ref’s view"

  1. He was awful. Gave Australia any and every opportunity to get back into the game. Doubt he would have given that offside penalty at the end.

  2. Rubbish performance that night by Watson. He changed the rules half way through to stop England being some dominant. He admitted it to the English guys.
    And he did not half do some thinking during Dawson passing to Wilkinson. The man is full of shite

  3. If England had known there was an advantage, JW could have deliberately missed the drop attempt and eat the clock up with the penalty so there would have been no restart. Game over.

    As it was, there was a restart. If Oz had won the restart and scored, I doubt Andre would be giving this interview. Still, all's well that ends well – small margins.

    On a separate note, I was at a rugby dinner in Hong Kong where Jason Leonard was asked about the scrum penalties. He admitted that Watson got it right.

    I am English and was at the game. General consensus there was that AW did a pretty good job. England should have won more comfortably in normal time – Ben Kaye missed a certain try and JW 3 missed drops (unusual for him).

  4. He can spin it how he likes, but he had a shocker that night. England were totally dominant in the scrum, yet in the 2nd half, he kept penalising them. It became personal, which reflects very badly on his part.

  5. Robespierre, it wouldn't work, the games are too different. you couldn't do a scrum because the helmets would be too big.

  6. Loved the last point – he knew that as a referee he was obliged to give a penalty for offside, but as a rugby fan he wanted the result to come from the players. Totally sympathise with that, and thankfully for him he got his wish!

  7. I wanna be a ref…like you….what do i have to do so that i can become a better ref…please…

  8. Shame he didn't referee the game equitably – not his best performance as an International referee

  9. I thought he was an awesome ref. It'll be interesting to see Joubert's view on 2011 considering the flak he got after the game.

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