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  1. Imagine how many points this guy would have got if he didn’t miss half his career through injury

  2. What a man my dad new that because my dad played with my sir Jonny wilkinson when my dad played for the classic lions and England Martin Roberts love you dad

  3. 3:01 Jonny's foot actually went out… should of been a lineout Scotland ball, but who cares wilko is da best flyhalf

  4. His sheer professionalism, diligence and hard work to get as good as he was is an example to young players everywhere. His constant striving to improve, to overcome injuries show an indomitable spirit, which coupled with a quiet and humble personality made him an icon in two countries, England and France. He is respected and admired across the globe , as are many top players, but the adulation of two nations, who normally hold opposite opinions, shows the measure of the man.

  5. About a month ago we played Farnham u12s and I never thought that Wilkinson used to play for them

  6. All the DC fans here think they know what's what… If DC is really that great, then why the fuck do you come to a Jonny Wilkinson tribute to tell us that?
    Put DC in English club rugby instead of super rugby and he would have struggles because he wouldn't have been surrounded by top class players whenever he played.
    I mean JW made an impact when he went to Toulon, Carter had a few good moments but nothing that memorable and now hes leaving for Japan at the end of the season.
    To all who say Carter is better, or "way" better as you all say, you simply cannot compare the two, Carter may have amazing stats, but he didn't spend at least 4 years of his international career out injured. Wilkinson wasn't surrounded by the greatest international rugby team for most of his career, unlike Carter.
    What I am saying is stats mean shit, both players are great in their own way, they have both done great things, and they both equally deserve to be the greatest fly halfs in the history of rugby, however they simply cannot be compared purely by their career statistics…

  7. For me it is the best 10, not only for being a good player, but for his attitude, his Goodness and humility. A great example of a good athlete
    '' Humility makes you great ''

  8. Sometimes wish I grew up in England or some country that loves rugby…sadly I’m 17 and I can finally play rugby for the first time in my city in the USA…hopefully my American Football experience helps me out in excelling in the game

  9. A magnificent man, in every aspect of life………if i ever meet him, I'll probably cry hahahah…..and no, no offence Alexander Hannah :0)

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