19 Comments on "Jonny Wilkinson documentary – Part 1 for RD"

  1. pisses me off when people try and compare that fat mess Owen Farrell to this genius!

  2. @abaddonaskap seriously all you think he did was kick then you obviously have never watched rugby games he has played in . But to be honest I'm not surprised to see a comment like that from a Kiwi most Kiwi's can't give praise to a great player who isn't from New Zealand

  3. consistantly injured you mean.i agree hes good but all he does is kick.thats his highlights.if you enjoy boring rugby then yes.

  4. my number 1 flyhalf of all time – i rate him over dan carter (who is in his own right another unbelievable flyhalf)
    but for the tackles, the consistency, the vision, the calmness and that 2003 immortalising moment, unbeatable
    thank you for all your service mr. wilkinson, you deserve a knighthood

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