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  1. & this is why his career was cut short. 10 shouldn't need to Be doing this if he has decent backrow

  2. Look at 0:53 – The number 5 is just smiling to himself, he's like "sorry bro, you broke commandment #7…" ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. As a welshman, Johnny and Mike Tindall are the only English players I like, being retired helps tho haha

  4. Jonny could hit harder but carter was a superior defender. Missed very few tackles, copy books every time.

  5. There is a huge tackle that is missing in all the reels of john wilkinson tackles, the one on Nathan Grey!

  6. He tackles extremely high and it's incredible how he gets them down like that

  7. Ok, I just recently got into rugby, and basically knew him as a kicker.. but damn, that's some great play. At the right place, and tougher than he might look.
    I reckon some of those hits would be under question with the new regulations, though.

  8. Wilkinson was a number 10 who could dictate the game, kick and tackle!!! This is why he is so much better than Farrell and Ford who aren't the full package like Jonny was

  9. The best part is when Wilkinson tackles Bergamasco. Both brothers are two twats

  10. Wow – I will always remember his tackle on Bergamasco the Italian flanker who was a great player himself – he had a run up, size and momentum on his size – when i first saw it – I thought the had killed him, Bergo's head thrown back. Unbelievable commitment to the tackle and no one on this planet can deny the strengths he brought to the game. Great great player and a genuinely good guy.

    For you footballers out there – hmmm why not stop the cheating, play acting bollocks and man up! It really is pathetic and spoils the game. You might as well call football 'sports entertainment' and get the match choreographed ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Unfortunately most of the leagal tackles are illegal now shame

  12. players like him are seen rarely once in a generation intelligent man who could literally control a game with his mindset special players and an unbelievable work ethic he's up there one of the all time greats ๐Ÿ™‚

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