Japan is looking to get a new coach slotted in sooner rather than later

After sacking Javier Aguirre, Japan is looking to get a new coach slotted in sooner rather than later as the team is to play a couple of games later this month.

As has been Japan’s policy in the recent past, they are believed to be going to go with an overseas guy once again for the top post.

But, at this stage of the year, it’s very difficult to find an experienced coach.

Japan will probably have to wait for the domestic season to get over in different European countries.

There are not enough options for them at this point in time as all the experienced coaches seem to be employed somewhere.

If they want, they can appoint an interim coach for the time being.

Yesterday, one of the top brass officials of the Japan Association hinted about the possibility of a temporary appointment.

In the words of that official, “If we get it done in the next couple of weeks, that would be ideal, but, there is no rush really. We will have to make sure that we bring in the right personnel even if that takes a bit more time.”

When asked about the media reports that the Association is quite firm on its view of having the next coach from some European country, he said, “The nationality of the candidate would not influence our decision. He has got to be good enough and experienced. That’s all.”

It’s not been long since Aguirre had been given the charge of Japan. The Spanish coach had been brought in with great hopes last summer, but, he had to leave under unfortunate circumstances.

A match fixing case has been lodged on Aguirre back in his homeland Spain. He will have to fight out the issue in court now. He is holding himself innocent though.