Gary Graham Breaks the Ice

New player Gary Graham joins up with England and asked to stand in front of new squad mates and has to tell one new about themselves to help in breaking the ice. He is a mystery man for another after premiership starts in Newcastle he revealed that he had a tattoo inside his bottom lip. The word ‘Otis’ was drilled on the sensitive spot Falcons’.

He is a trained electrician and chosen a usual career path. He is no academy in 24 but a latecomer to the party and still blinking that how he has come to rub shoulders with Owen Farewell and Co. And he also never thought of playing England and selected at camp. He is only in Premiership from the start of the season and never thought of the progress, but now he is happy with that and don’t think anyone else can.

Dean Richards called him into the office and asked me for going to England camp, I don’t know what to say? I was just thinking what the hell happened in the last couple of years?

After four seasons in borders he switched to Jersey where he made such an impression of Newcastle from his workout like Now England have seen.

He is inspired from his dad as he is a rugby hero and he wants to be like him as he is a most passionate Scot, he has met in his life and he wanted to play at the highest level and he played. So now Gary has brought to England, he would like to play for England. Gary was world’s second player and made his dad proud.

Gary said he is not a specialist, but happy to play and will try to always work hard.

There is plenty of rugby action in 2018 to get excited about on Sky Sports, including England’s summer tour to South Africa and their clash with New Zealand.