25 Comments on "Gareth Bale // All 31 Goals for Tottenham Hotspur and Wales 2012/13 // HD"

  1. the maker of this is a proper rudimental fan boy, bet he wears snapbacks and thinks he can shuffle

  2. He’s had a amazing season. He’s been consistent throughout the season but will he be consistent through the next few seasons, that’s the question? Anyway, he is still one of the best players in the world, he brings world class performances and he will be sold for a lot.

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  4. Alright, I see what you mean. Yeah, 100m+ is too much for Bale but I believe that is only rumours, I don’t think he will go for that much. Sorry for the offensive reply. He will still go for a lot but 100m+ is something I don’t think any player should go for, it’s a ridiculous amount.

  5. I can just imagine Ronaldo and Bale hugging, after Bale assists an amazing goal for CR7 🙂

  6. Obviously Ronaldo will take freekicks from the left side, and Bale will take them from the right side. Ronaldo won’t move, he is the granddaddy of Real Madrid, Bale will only be an asset for Real Madrid to make Ronaldo better.

  7. Ronaldo will, but if they see he’s being inconsistent like he already is Bale might step up, Bale going there makes me think that Ronaldo might wanna move…

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