Football Becomes More Accommodating For Gay Players

If there is any trend coming on it is that of football fans becoming used by homosexual players in the game.

It is becoming an accepted fact that homosexuality can exist among footballers. Select committees are being told by experts that inquiry into homophobia need not matter now. If a footballer turns out to be gay he will not be penalized in the way they used to before.

Committees are now hearing that fans would be supportive, even if footballers announced that they were gay. There was a recent inquiry about the effects of culture and media on sport selection. There have been debates initiated by boxers like Manny Pacquiao and Tyson Fury. They were told that the footballers can be more open about their sexuality as fans have become more supportive. The findings were part of a larger research into homophobia in different sports and games.

One of the reasons is young people coming into the picture who are more accepting of such trends. Young people are interacting with LGBT peers in their schools and colleges and hence, are more open to accepting their players being of diverse sexual preferences. Till now most Premier League players have not come out with such preferences. However, it is not that fear of a negative response or homophobia among fans and supporters hold them back from being open about being gay. This will definitely open up avenues for those who have been hesitant to join the games due to their sexual preferences. The mindset of coaches and other players is also being affected and they are more open to having team members who might be part of the LGBT category. Though changes will take place gradually but the winds of change are here and in a good way for sure.