25 Comments on "FIFA 14 Player Rating Predictions – Tottenham Hotspur"

  1. Im a tottenham fan and i think assou-ekotto should go down and So should parker. Dawson should go up though. And Dempsey should stay the same

  2. I’m not denying Sandro or anyone else on Spurs are great players! I’m just saying Bale was the player of the season. I love Spurs, there is just something about them I always said if there was one other team I’d support in the Premier League it would be Spurs.. I’d cheer them on in any match other than against United of course! I love Bale but I also love Defoe Lloris Vertonghen Walker Holtby Friedel Parker Sygurdsson and loads more! Great team hope they get Champions League next year!

  3. Sandro and Dembele were absolutely spectacular in the midfield either one you could make a case for being player of the season before Sandro got hurt obv.. I mean sure without Bale where are we and he was the player of the season… but you could make a case for Demebele, Sandro, and Vert as all of those guys were phenomenal as well.

  4. well maybe focus on fulham seeing as lloris kept 9 with a shocking defence. he made some really good saves for tottenham during the season and friedel had 0 clean sheets

  5. They already moved him to CF in recent updates on career mode and that so I’d expect him to be CF

  6. Really good Vid man but I don’t see Bale being a CF as he plays mostly LM and Sandro should definitely be higher then Parker!!!

  7. You’re a retard walker and naughton are rbs no 1 is expecting them to score

  8. Too kind on: Ekotto – 77, Parker – 79, Adebayor – 79, Dempsey – 79. Agree with the rest. Hopefully Tom Carroll will be around 75 with lots of ability to grow on career mode, top talent.

  9. Lloris 86, Walker 78, Dawson 80, Vertonghen 84, Ekotto 77, Sandro 82, Dembele 82, Lennon 81, Bale 88, Sigurdsson 78, Adebayor 81

  10. Don’t see how Dempsey deserves to go up? Been poor this season. Holtby has got an assist, set up Defoe for Spurs 2nd vs Man City

  11. Lool that was harsh I acctually mean Bale isn’t 89 when you said he could be but your overall ratings predication was good haha

  12. Also, Kaboul has played 1 game and dunno how you can say Dempsey has had a really good season, been poor except a couple of big goals.

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