24 Comments on "EXCLUSIVE! Interview with Tottenham Hotspur’s Lewis Holtby including training footage"

  1. He speaks both languages fluently. I don’t mean phrase-book stuff. He actually knows the banter.

  2. He wud have played regularly if played for England.His father English soldier son plays for Germany!!!Cant blame the lad though.Last time the English won 1966!Gud player

  3. “big club like Tottenham hotspur” ahahahah do you mean “gareth bale fc”?

  4. I live in Canada and its so annoying even teachers say stuff like that its so annoying I’m only 17 and some how I’m still related to the nazi past ?? How it’s so stupid my best friend is a Native American so how Iam I FUCKING NAZI ????

  5. He actually played several times for the Senior National Team, he also said he will never play for England (not disrespectful). He made this decision, when he heard the first time the german national anthem and fell in love for it and his country. Sry for my bad English 🙂

  6. He hardly plays for spurs either by the way… Spurs have no Germans in the starting 11, chelsea will likely have 2/3 next season… Chelsea are a far bigger club with champions league football….. It’s a shame but I think the took the cowards way out.

  7. Why is that? He goes to Chelsea and he barely plays. He knew that. Smart move actually.

  8. He should have went to chelsea. Bad move going to spurs, especially in January and not the summer.

  9. Apart of his dad’s origin – I would say that he’s more german than english

  10. How can you be full German when your dad is English ? He is of dual nationality and new that he lives in English will own an English passport. Plus until he played for the German senior side he could have played for England.

  11. You are probably true, most German’s are probably nice people, but not to the English. My parents went to the German beer festival a couple years back and some of the pure nastiness aimed at them was ridiculous! The Germans that were the friendliest were the barmen! Obviously it’s stupid to say all Germans hate the English, but it did seem a little that way for them!

  12. Holtby: “erm you know…erm you know…erm you know…erm you know” Gosh, I hate how he is pretending as if he is fluently speaking english.

  13. yeah, though I’d say his word choice is where it comes through the most. like using “much” where it makes no sense at all.

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