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  1. 1. you comited genoccide in ur empire !
    2. you invaded my contry!
    3. you dident help the jews when they were gased by hitler!
    enough said!

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  4. Wales is not in England, it’s apart of the UK and Great Britain though. Britain = England, Wales and Scotland. UK = England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Unluckily for us, it’s an English team, not British so we can’t have Bale. Even if we did it would be unfair to every other Scottish and Welsh player as none of them would every get in the team. I’m sure Bale doesn’t like being from a small country as he’ll never play high level international football.

  5. i believe brazil have 5 world cup titles..england 1..lol..see next yr at the world cups..brazil going for 6..aint that a record or somfin.

  6. losing..lol..how many world cups england won..if you beat brazil in a world cup match..that would be impressive..but this was only a international friendly match..most players go half-ass on international friendlies..england show up in international match that dont count..in world cup..england hardly show up..2010 world cup..england cannot even beat the weak ass u.s team..brazil worry more about spain than england.

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  8. Wales isn’t in England you absolute plonker. They’re both part of the UK, but since there is no UK football team, he plays for Wales, because he was born in Cardiff, in Wales, to Welsh parents. Wales and England are separate in footballing terms, and many cultural terms, so why would he play for England if he is not English.

  9. yes but brazil is not in england, wales is. so he should be allowed to play for england because he has a good brain and knows how to score goals and run around the field tackling the black men and things.

  10. Why didn’t Pele play for England? Maybe it’s because he’s BRAZILIAN. So he will play for BRAZIL.

  11. Those videos on your channel? you’ve got some serious mental problems mate, what do you do for a living and do you have any mates? serious question please answer me. What would happen if anybody you knew saw you acting like should be in broad moor institute.

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