25 Comments on "England v San Marino 5-0 Pitchside Highlights | England"

  1. your all forgetting lower league players, dont forget alot of young players are sent out to smaller clubs to gain experience

  2. ryan bertran, raheem sterling(maybe) wilfred zaha(maybe) jonjo shelvey,john flanagan, jack butland, gary cahill,ross barkley

    need more not from united?

  3. you are forgetting all the great chelsea players like….er..bertrand..sturridge…er..mceachran? yeah somtimes I hate my team

  4. Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere, Chamberlain from Arsenal, so I wouldn’t say dependent on Utd.

  5. I agree, he wasn’t lethal infront of goal. However, he was playing a more attacking midfield role in the Euro’s. He does all the ‘dirty work’ if you will. Closing down the ball, holding the ball up. Let’s be honest one player can’t shine out of an under performing side can he?

  6. So if you have one amazing striker you automatically win tournaments? The reason why we dont win anything is because the team as a whole isn’t good enough! You can’t expect to win something with just 1 player.

  7. So if he’s so good why haven’t we won anything with this amazing striker?

  8. We are unbeaten in a competitive game since June 2010. (Are we really that shit if that’s the case?) We do not play exciting football like we used to, but we are getting results at least. Give the young players a chance to blood, the old players are going now, like everyone demanded, now give them time.

  9. ENGLAND PLAYERS DON’T GET PAID TO PLAY FOR ENGLAND. IT ALL GOES TO CHARITY. So please stop all this overpaid bullshit. For club maybe. NOT for country.

  10. Carrick is 30 ”The future of the english national team” are you retarded? 

  11. How the hell is Carrick and Young the “future”? They’re not young. At all.

  12. Its not like he’s the 5th all time top goal scorer for England and is only 26…

  13. big respect for San Marino! there players play every game knowing there going to lose and yet they go out there for there country (they do not get paid unlike English players who are on ridiculous wages). I would also play for San Marino if it mean playing against the best teams in Europe even we did get slaughter every game.

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