17 Comments on "England Under 17s train at St George’s Park pre Portugal game"

  1. why dafuq do you want a intense training before a game? You obviously
    havent watch their physical training. this is more on tactical wise.

  2. I remember PE in primary school was like this. This is when I was around 8
    years old.

  3. Where are your qualifications? There U17 not first team this is 1 out of
    100’s of training session’s get a life.

  4. yeah because you’ve got years of coaching experience and all you badges,
    just another keyboard warrior know it all.

  5. Obviously you’ve never played football cause this is a pre match training,
    pre match is always more relaxed cause you don’t want anyone getting tired
    or injured.

  6. The guy at 0:30 i have seen dat guy in one of man citys training videos…
    What is he’s name?

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