England Must be Stars On AND Off the Pitch

Jonny Bairstow and Ben Duckett in bar-room controversies were embroiled in ill-fated tour Down Under; Ben Stokes missed altogether series outside a Bristol nightclub. England Rugby has suffered fare share embarrassments too, and Manu Tuilagi jumping offs the ferry in Auckland.

Eddie Jones has sent the Leicester center to home from training camp from London after late night drinking sessions. The 35 caps won by Joseph for his country and claimed he and his international teams would continue enjoy drinking off the field and 26 year old insists for the current crop that will not cross a line and invite unwanted attention.

Joseph told to in an interview that we all know what are do’s and don’ts  in the professional game and it is one of the highest honors to be an England player and neglecting that and going out from the team is not the right time. They are expecting to be best and everything off the field, it’s all about sensible. It’s time to enjoy and drink on a sensible level, but you have to pick and choose your best moments.

Also, he said that England squad has a duty to not to down the performance without any external it’s about selfless and taking correct decisions. England rugby squad is to secure a third straight, Six Nations triumph in the New Year. It’s very proud to feel when you come to the training field as the quality and standard is unbelievable as every time they play they push the standards and make players proud.

Also, he said that they are very fortunate to have gifted players who are willing to work hard and improving on every single day there are many players who are willing to work but don’t the same amount of work in team.