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  1. LOL shit at sports. England compete in every single sport. most countries have 1 good sport e.g germany, spain, italy, holland, brazil. England are in the top 8 best teams in the world, they have won the world cup; unlike Sweden. They are the 4th best rugby team in the world with; a young team. Second best cricket team in the world. have 3 english golfers in the top 10 world rankings. 6 out of 10 top 10 darts players are; all english. Only country to win rugby, football and cricket world cup.

  2. mate England is shit at sport and to live in come to Sweden it a million times better

  3. Butthurt about England… I wonder why?
    Did they not give you a visa?
    Just for your information, in the parts of England where I lived, it’s been the safest, nicest, best place I’ve ever lived. And how do you define: “sucks at sports”?

  4. sorry i dont sit around and think about my name on youtube. bottom line england sucks at sports and is a terrible country

  5. your name is guitar29682, so therefore your opinion means nothing. Go and find an original name, and then, maybe, possibly, we could have a little conversation about England.
    Until then, you don’t deserve to be on youtube.

  6. It doesn’t matter? since when has a length of time took away the meaning of an achievement? a very small handful of countries have won the world cup it’s the biggest accomplishment in sport in the world and it should never be forgotten.

  7. the point was it was so long ago that it doesn’t matter. in the past 45 years england has been a complete disappointment

  8. All the americans complain about us being bad, hu ur no better and you don’t care about football u don’t even call the game right, we beat Spain soon after there world cup win, we beat the 6 times winners of the world cup while u can bearly beat Mexico, i just dont see where the Americans are coming from???

  9. You mean you don’t know? haha i already told you don’t embarrass yourself trying to talk bout a subject you know nothing about lol.

  10. Yeah not like they didn’t win the world cup or anything eh? lol

  11. Haha you know nothing about football mate go away don’t embarrass yourself.

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