25 Comments on "David Beckham vs Juventus (Gary Neville Testimonial)"

  1. Strangely enough, I grew up believing Beckham was an over-rated primadonna.
    I didn’t know that much about football then, assuming that the best players
    were the ones who used to run at people and dribble past them. I never knew
    why Real Madrid would want Beckham, other than because of the fact he had
    become the first, and arguably the only ever, genuine uber celebrity of the
    football world who could bring in marketing deals at the click of his
    fingers (whilst scoring the relatively frequent free kick). Now looking
    back at Beckham videos I have no problem saying that was bloody wrong. I
    see why people rated him so highly when I never knew any better. His
    passing is almost pinpoint from anywhere on the pitch. I’ve got a lot of
    respect for elegant players who pass the ball like he does. I now have much
    more respect now for those kinds of players, the Pirlos and the Beckhams,
    than I do those who run past people. It’s so much more skillful and

  2. College player here, he’s easily a very well rounded player. His celebrity
    status makes everyone believe he was once the best for some reason

  3. That moment when you realize that this team is better then team in season
    2013/2014 …

  4. Just brilliant
    wonder team.it makes you cry.
    this video has been added to my favorite. +seasalticecreams13 

  5. I love the way Beckham looks like he’s just enjoying yourself on the field.
    The game of football is supposed to be loved man. This how every player’s
    attitude should be like on the field. Even if the game is competitive. 

  6. Wow so much hate here. I agreed that he is like a celebrity but how can u
    said that he is useless and overrated? Even in this video u can see that
    his long passes and assists are good and throughout his career, he have
    assists many of the top scorer to score. He is not a worldclass player. he
    cant do tricks but he has a good right foot. about him not scored a lot of
    goals, WHAT DO U EXPECT? He is a midfielder for god sakes. if u still
    cannot accept it then u r just a blind fool.

  7. David Beckham is the master of passes, every striker need winger like him.

  8. This highlight passes going nowhere.And the music is annoying.Beckham was
    the most overrated player of any sport, not just football. He scored few
    goals, could not head the ball, kick with his left foot, could not dribble,
    could not tackle, other than that, he was alright. Hear hear, an attacking
    midfielder in the MLS with a paltry 18 goals in 6 seasons is a disgrace. He
    is the Kardashian of world football.

  9. wait what are testimonials? it’s like a players final game before
    retirement right? i see players who left the team come back to play just
    that one game lol. im so confused 🙁 help an american bpl fan out here

  10. Wow! My favourite player Del Piero and Beckham versing each other! Moment
    never forgotten!

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