23 Comments on "David Beckham Official: Retirement Announcement 16th May 2013"

  1. He was England’s GREATEST player. His only fault was staying at ManUtd too long. He was always too good for them

  2. Hey David I just saw this in the news. Sheryl Burke the dance pro on Dancing with the Stars would love to see you on DWTS and be her partner. That would be so very cool to see you on that show. I wish you would think about it.

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  5. Gonna miss him. Started watching the game because of him. Great footballer and person

  6. “Probably when Messi was running past me!” Hahahahahahaha but seriously you were amazing and I hope you enjoy your retirement, sir! 🙂

  7. Are you seriously having a word war with Slappy? This guy is dangerous and crazy!!!!!!

  8. We will never Miss You David. You were, for me, one of the greatest footballer of the world. 3

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