25 Comments on "David Beckham chats to Nick Grimshaw"

  1. All of you hating on Grimshaw can shut the fuck up who do you think you are
    calling him a knob? he’s a better person than you.. And Beckham❤️

  2. Didn’t Grimmy say something a bit naughty about Beckham a couple of shows
    ago? ;)

  3. Apart from the physical. this guy is just perfect. Well
    educated,polite,modest and also great father,always with her children..
    lucky wife!

  4. Such a cool down to earth guy you are bro.Please come and live in my
    country Australia.Lots of LOVE and best wishes mate®aul★★♥★★

  5. David Beckham is a cool and talented dude, which begs the question, why
    would he consent to an interview with this 3rd rate B-list celleb
    arselicking ‘broadcaster’ ???…Prick RimSore is a talentless, vacuous,
    boring, unfunny, name-dropping douchebag and true-to-type is the perfect
    paradigm for a BBC employee. This biased propogandist culturally marxist
    private company and its theiving extortion racket subsidiary CRAPITA should
    be shut down and its grossly swollen middle-management pigs with their
    snouts quaffing unashamedly from the public purse (including GrimBORE)
    should be dumped on the unemployment scrapheap where they belong !

  6. It’s funny how David went to play with Man United and his brother Harry
    went on to Man City.

  7. David Beckham=Legend
    Nick Grimshaw=Complete and utter knob!!
    Why did he get this gig?! 

  8. LFC fan here. For me scholes and Giggs are the pick of the lot. I mean to
    Utd fans they are all fantastic and I 100% agree. Just sad that football
    now is all about money and not about producing players or buying at a early
    age with a mix of transfers. Now its all about spending £100 mill. Should
    be a nice mix of spending and producing. When I was younger I looked up to
    the Fowler’s and the Rush’s of Football. The Gerrard’s the Carragher’s,
    Owen’s and Mcmanaman’s. Then on top of that the players we brought in
    Barnes etc. Just like Utd with these guys a so many others. Of course we
    need the odd £20-£35mill players to make the league that even more special.
    The Ronaldo’s and the Suarez’s but for fuck sake bring back some of the

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