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  1. I wouldn’t call him a legend but by god could he make other players look
    stupid! Skill on a level that made better paid players blush. Still does

  2. He was great in every club that he played, but these 2 seasons for Spurs
    were the Best Ever, he is special player, because he had that Magic, only
    few players have that…

  3. @Berchaus007lev some Brits think running around like a terrier is good n
    dont appreciate class….this guy is good plays wit a languid(sp) style but
    Boy can he see a pass and hold the ball to bring others into the game. im a
    Man UTD fan and Fergie shld be embarrased hw he has treated Berba wen Roo
    was avin Shit games he played him or put him on bench but cldnt even put
    berba on bench for CL final…2 finals 1 sub appearence for Berba…shame

  4. one of the best soccer compilations i have ever seen – because his pacing
    is so complex fluid, he doesn’t have to move physically fast (although –
    watch his rate against Gallas), his change of speed so sublime, the music
    describes the images perfectly – so glad you made this

  5. @FoxNews24 first thing, true Manchester United fans never say ManU search
    itsmanchesterunited in facebbook if u want to know why, second thing i am a
    man utd supporter and i hate Berbatov… he does not deserve the glorious
    shirt of manchester United, he’s lazy and he’s always going around in the
    pitch like he does not care… I hate it!!

  6. some of my favorite spurs memories – Keano and Berbatov up top. Put Berbs
    on the current Spurs squad and watch out.

  7. @cozstuart Loose Crouch…are you kidding me…you will never find such a
    great header of the ball…

  8. 2 dislikes from Man Utd fans who are annoyed that Berbatov isn’t that good
    at Man Utd.

  9. what a player he was at tottenham . even though i am an arsenal fan but u
    just gotta admire the way he played … moving to united was his biggest
    mistake … u can’t blame him, everyone in his position would have taken
    the same step because eveyone wants to win trophies etc but the way he left
    spurs was very disappointing.If he play at Utd the way he used to play at
    Spurs then United would be winning the title every other season and I’m
    happy Berba is the shadow of a player he used to be

  10. guys,no one said berbatov is not a top class player. is just people
    question his work rate and his influence in big games-especially in europe.
    the goals he scores can be fantastic sometimes,but he needs to be more
    influential in big games,and stop showing frustration towards his
    teammates. he was at his prime when he was at tottenham no doubt.

  11. its a shame berbatov had to leave the mighty spurs its not that im a spurs
    fan but i support united and hes FUCKIN SHITE

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