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  1. ok lol hard to tell if someone is using ‘tongue in cheek’ or been sarcastic over the internet

  2. I actually said that slightly ‘tongue in cheek’, though it seems you didn’t pick up on that. Sadly I’m not too young to have missed Owen play for England and totally agree that he used to be one of our best players.

  3. It doesn’t matter if they were born here, their race hasn’t magically changed.
    We are already outnumbered in our own capital city. We are on the verge of being outnumbered in various other towns and cities in our own country. 20 odd % of our entire country is already foreign. Nearly 20 % of our entire country is already African or Asian.
    And they are still letting more in.
    Can you honestly imagine the Chinese, Japanese, Pakistanis, Indians, etc., etc., etc. doing this in their own country?

  4. haha what a complete and utter twat. so what of some of them or most of them are black they are english (born and raised in england) only one that isnt is Zaha. you dont have to be white to be english you know your just a typical EDL (racist) supporting numpty. what do you want a full white team?

  5. are u been serious? ok he might be shit now but in his prime Owen was one Englands best players have you seen how many goals hes scored for England your probably too young to have seen Owen play for England anyway.

  6. I wonder how much of all those people in the room earn a week in total XD.

  7. Is it still truly an England team if most of the players are a foreign race? I’m being serious here guys, when it gets to this it is time to say something.
    A few immigrants and no one would have been bothered, but it has went way, way beyond that now. What are we going to do, just keep allowing immigration until our own race is outnumbered in our own country (genocide)?
    We have to stop immigration, and also begin a repatriation programme to get the numbers back down to a reasonable level.

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