21 Comments on "Beckham Red Card v Argentina 1998"

  1. he didnt even do anything that major but obvisouly us english like to blame
    our loss at someone unfairly 

  2. three lions on a shirt
    Jules Rimet still gleaming
    much more years of hurt
    much more need for dreaming

  3. england out of world cup in a few days…. you are horrible….!!! rooney,
    sturridge, welbeck, pufffffffff…. watch the world cup on tv!!! best you
    had stayed at home…. dont cry for me englaaaannnndd bye bye

  4. One of the worst decisions ever in a world cup match. Clearly it should
    have been a red card for Simeone and a yellow for Beckham.

  5. Simeone admits he did an act to get Beckham a red card. In my opnion only
    professionel referees (like in England) should be used in the big
    international matches…

  6. I remember that ref he was a right biased wanker, he was against england
    the entire game

  7. We never see the play back at full speed only ever in slow motion. There is
    a reason for this.

  8. I guess Simone deserved that loss to Real Madrid 16 years later

  9. We had cheese and owen and salt and lineker crisps but where was the smokey
    beckam flavour ?

  10. fans used to say beckham cost us the game. nobody ever mentions that we
    would’ve won 3-2 when campbell scored a great header, only to be disallowed
    cos shearer elbowed the keeper.

  11. oh England, is there a nation filled with more entitled idiots? all Simeone
    did was get tripped by that child David Beckham. David was the one acting
    hurt to avoid the red card.

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