Cardiff city manager Malky Mackay has said that the deal to take Gareth Bale from Tottenham to Real Madrid has totally transformed the Premier league outfit. Bale was sold to the Spanish club for a world record transfer fee of £ 86 million. Rather than work their way to the bank, Tottenham have decided to invest this money back into the transfer window. This has resulted in the club bringing in several star names over the summer. They have crossed the £ 100 million mark in terms of spending for the first time in their history.

Cardiff will be their opponents in the Premier league this weekend and this will be a very tough assignment for Mackay, whose team have done relatively well at the start of the season. Cardiff themselves have spent a lot of money since their promotion to the top flight, but it is pale in comparison with Tottenham’s spending. Mackay has said that the Bale transfer money has helped Tottenham take their squad to another level. He thinks that Tottenham’s squad is now on par with a club in the Champions league.

Finishing in the top four is the main objective for Tottenham this season, and their quest looks so far to be in good shape.

“Because of the extra amount of money the Bale deal actually made for the club, their squad looks like a Champions League squad. Spurs went out and brought all those players in and then eventually did the [Bale] deal. It looks as if it has been very good business. The players that they brought in – everyone in football knew in football they were top talents that were on the market and they were going to cost a lot of money,” said Mackay, whose team have taken one win in the four matches.