25 Comments on "Arsenal Vs Tottenham Hotspur 5-2 *HD Highlights* *2012*"

  1. Despite him being a Judas, Van Persie’s goal was pure class and one of my
    favourite arsenal goals ever.

  2. I like Londons Arsenal this a great a club, i am Russian i like England and
    Football it The Best

  3. Haha! Great commentary! That guy is so into the game! Just wish I knew more

  4. As a kid, I preferred watching soccer with the Spanish commentary. I didn’t
    speak the language but I still tuned into Univision instead of ESPN because
    they were so much more exciting than English commentators. From now on, I
    want to watch nothing but Arab announcers.

  5. The commentators in other countries are so much better than the English

  6. Don’t understand what he’s saying but really enjoy his emotional ways of

  7. ياااااااااااااا الهي ماهذا مالذي يحدث في الإمارات ستاديوم ياله من

  8. đlm thằng bình luận viên, chả biết nó nói clg ‘hap, hap, hap, hap, ….”

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