Recent reports have revealed that Netherlands international Memphis Depay will likely move from Manchester United to Tottenham hotspur come January 2017.

Manchester united is set to receive £12.5million for the transfer of the attacker.

Recall that this transfer fee is almost double of what united paid PSV Eindhoven for the player, who has had quite a challenging time since moving to England.

Paying such a high price for the player could be a brilliant move by Spur, as Memphis could rediscover his lost form while playing at White Hart Lane.

Football analyst have noted that, out of the 56 appearance that he had made, the 22-year old have been able to register just seven goals and make seven assist, a result widely considered to be disappointing.

However, Depay’s poor performance this season may not entirely be his fault. He has enjoyed very little playtime at united, appearing a total of 76 minutes including premier league games.

He has also spent most of the last season trying to adapt to a new surroundings and playing under a manager who negated his attacking intent. Read more »

Arsenal ready for derby

Arsene Wenger has stated that his side is ready for the London derby on Sunday where his side will be facing Tottenham Hotspurs.

He said that the players are ready and that they understand the importance of this game for fans.
Arsene Wenger said that the team would be without Santi Cazorla, Theo Walcott and Nacho Monreal who are all injured. He said that Walcott has a slim chance of featuring in the team, but he will have to face a late fitness test.

Arsenal will be boosted by the return of Olivier Giroud who has scored 3 goals from 2 matches since his return from injury. The French manager said that he would make a decision on whether Alexis Sanchez or Olivier Giroud will play in the striker role. He believes that each of the two players has their own qualities and it is up to him to decide who will suit the play better on Sunday.
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The English Football League is considering creating a new ‘fifth’ division for the start of the 2019/2020 football season, according to the Chief Executive Shaun Harvey.

According to Harvey, members would be the one to decide if Celtic and Rangers can participate in the EFL. The EFL wants to expand to four divisions of 20 teams each, so it wants the 72 clubs to give their opinions.

Celtic and Rangers have been seriously considered for long to join the fifth division, despite being of the Scottish divide. But Harvey says the final decision would be made solely by the members.

“We have recently gone out to our clubs to elicit their further views in relation to any different number of areas from the proposition that was first put forward. Once we have their views, we can move forward,” Harvey said. He then added that if they were to proceed, there’s the dilemma of which teams to choose.

“One of the simple questions, if this is to proceed, is where should the [new] teams come from? So the only ones who will decide that are the clubs themselves, so we will see what they say. I don’t want to pre-empt anything,” he added. Rangers and Celtic have massive fan bases, and would be worthy additions. Read more »

Football Becomes More Accommodating For Gay Players

If there is any trend coming on it is that of football fans becoming used by homosexual players in the game.

It is becoming an accepted fact that homosexuality can exist among footballers. Select committees are being told by experts that inquiry into homophobia need not matter now. If a footballer turns out to be gay he will not be penalized in the way they used to before.

Committees are now hearing that fans would be supportive, even if footballers announced that they were gay. There was a recent inquiry about the effects of culture and media on sport selection. There have been debates initiated by boxers like Manny Pacquiao and Tyson Fury. They were told that the footballers can be more open about their sexuality as fans have become more supportive. The findings were part of a larger research into homophobia in different sports and games. Read more »


According to latest reports, a pro-stadium group wants to spend $63 million on the construction of a high school football stadium.

Voters in McKinney, Tex., have given the go-ahead with the plans after months of contentious debate in the suburb north of Dallas.

Even though Mike Giles, a leader of Grassroots McKinney opposed the plan and added that:

“We‘re kind of like the poor boys on the block

“They look down and they see Allen. Allen has a really nice stadium.”

Jennifer Gray, the chairwoman of Vote for McKinney’s Future, a pro-stadium group insisted saying:

“Down South, football is a really big deal, and playoff football is a really big deal.”

The proposed 12,000-seat facility and an attached events center would be just the latest in a growing list of supersized high school stadiums in Texas. The McKinney project has frequently been compared to the $60 million high school stadium in nearby Allen. With seats for 18,000 people, the Allen stadium has nearly the same capacity as Madison Square Garden. Another school stadium under construction in Katy, outside Houston, will have 12,000 seats at a projected cost of more than $62 million. Read more »


Newly signed Manager of EPL giants, Chelsea have been in the news now regarding the Premier League title hopes. While many believe he has all he needs to lift the prestigious title, others say he would not have it easy.

Former Juventus youth team manager who also played in the 1996 Juventus squad alongside Anthonio Conte, says the highly successful coach would repeat another success with Chelsea in England.

Anthonio is set to quit his current job as the manager of Italy to take over at Chelsea this summer. Stamford Bridge have confirmed the talented Coach will make the move by season end on a three year deal.

Fabrizio Ravanelli played in Juventus for four years between 1992 and 1996. The former Middlesbrough striker told reporters regarding EPL title hopes: “I think, under Antonio Conte, it’s a guarantee. He is one of the most meticulous managers in the world – but also a fighter. Chelsea have made a great decision. To be honest, when we were together I didn’t think he would become a manager.” Read more »

The Greek national football team is going through a nightmare

Greece is enduring some tough times not only in relation to the financial condition of the country but it has also affected their national football team and this is evident by all of the recent event which has been occurring in Greek football.

The Greek national football team has been sustaining successive defeats against Faroe Islands and had to settle with draws when playing with Poland and Hungary. Due to these underwhelming results, Greece was not able to snatch a spot in the 2016 Euro’s as they were eliminated and don’t have any chance of participating in the tournament which will be hosted in France.

Football academies in Greece are one of the things that have been affected by the financial situation of the country as those academies have failed to produce talented young players and even when they do emerge, these players will be closely monitored by top European clubs who are prepared to offload tempting offers in order to lure them away from Greece.

Investing in the domestic football league of Greece has also turned into something that has taken a downhill road as businessmen have not taken an interest in investing their money on a country which is suffering from a financial disintegration. Read more »

Tim Sherwood will find it difficult trying to keep Christian Benteke in Aston Villa

Christian Benteke is the top goal-scorer of Aston Villa as he has managed to find the back of the net on 12 occasions in 26 Premier League matches and this has attracted top European clubs who are interested in signing the 24 year old Belgium attacker from Aston Villa.

Manchester United and Liverpool are some of the clubs in the Premier League which have shown interest in signing Benteke and Tim Sherwood is well aware that it will not be easy to keep hold of Christian Benteke for another season.

Aston Villa’s Tim Sherwood said: “Is this summer just as important for me to keep hold of what I’ve got as what I bring in? Absolutely.’’

Leonardo Bacuna is a 23 year old right-back who serves as a back-up option of Tim Sherwood but even the Dutch defender knows about the fine form that Christian Benteke is going through which has helped Aston Villa on securing points in this season of the Premier League.

Bacuna knows that it won’t be easy for Aston Vila to keep Benteke in the team as the young defender talked during a press conference and said: It is going to be hard to hang onto him but he is doing his job for us and is vital for the team and that’s the most important thing at the moment.’’

Louis van Gaal will be given a transfer budget that is more than enough to sign Christian Benteke and a few more players in the summer transfer window and even though the Belgium forward is not the most glamorous or exciting players in Europe, he has already proven that he is capable of scoring goals in the Premier League and this is something that Manchester United did not investigate or care before signing Radamel Falcao who proved to be one of the worst signings in modern times.



RFEF has decided to bring in a suspension to domestic football

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has decided to bring in a suspension to domestic football in order to try and eliminate the new law that requires all Spanish clubs to share the TV money.

At present, Real Madrid and Barcelona benefit a lot in the current structure of television money sharing. La Liga clubs are not required to share their TV money, which can be negotiated individually, to lower division leagues. It has been seen as the reason behind the overwhelming domination exerted by Madrid and Barcelona. Keen to adopt a Premier League style, Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP) brought in a new law that was passed by the cabinet last week.

It will now force the Spanish league to negotiate a TV money as a whole and then redistribute it according to the merits. This will see Madrid and Barcelona suffer immensely in terms of their revenues, but other clubs will be capable of taking advantage. Despite winning the league title last season, Atletico Madrid made a less than the TV money that a club relegated from the Premier League made last season. Such discrepancy has resulted in Spanish clubs struggling in European competitions, although this has changed with Sevilla reaching the final of the Europa League for the campaign. Read more »